Monday, April 22, 2013

T is for Towanda!

      "A lady always knows when to leave."

 "Mom, is it okay if I wear my high-heels to the store?"  I turned and looked at the more fashion (ahem) eclectic of my two girls as she walked out of her room.
       I averted my face to hide my reaction and caught the look on GWH's face.  He glanced at me. I glanced at him and in about 2.5 milliseconds we exchanged a mental conversation.  His look said, "Wow, check it out.  Are you really going to let her out like that?" Mine responded with "I'm not going to say anything to her. Heck no, and face the wrath of 'the bear' no way! You tell her something but let me leave the room before you do." 
(neither one of us has the nerve to mess with uh... squash her artistic style...yeah we're wimps) 
    We both raised eyebrows and shook our heads at her most recent wardrobe ensemble.  Brown, faux suede mini skirt, with fringe, purple blouse with a studded hot-pink butterfly on the tummy and white high-heels on her, "I can't dance, my feet are too chubby," little tootsies.
**when Glitterific Girl was 3 she tagged along to B'Girl's dance class, the dance instructor asked, "Why aren't you signing up for dance", she remarked with the aforementioned line...she's still using didn't work then and it still hasn't worked...she dances.**
     "Get in the car. We've got things to do." I tried really hard to hide the giggle in my voice. I looked back at GWH.  He was still shaking his head. 
(she wears a uniform all week. What can I say...yes we do realize we are going to have to frisk her and search her backpack before she heads off to high-school when that time comes...aye!)
     As she climbed in the car she piped up with, "I like my high-heels, Mom. They make me feel like a lady. Mom, what's a lady?"  
     There are few questions that catch me off guard.  This one did.  This question jerked at my heartstrings.  It brought a tear to my eye and it reminded me of a movie I love, the universal lesson it taught me about women and their relationships, and the very special women in my life that embody the word...

      It was 1991. I was 5.  GWH and I stumbled into a movie theater when $20 could get you two tickets  a large popcorn and two soda-pops.  
(excuse me while I mourn my youth...okay, pity party over)
     As I was saying, we stumbled into a cool movie theater one afternoon, mostly to get out of the blazing hot sun.  Neither one of us had air conditioning in our cars and it was at least 135 degrees that day.
(well, maybe not really that hot...anything over 90 is too hot in my world and I'm getting to it already!)
     Anyhoo, GWH and I stumbled into the theater and this...

was the only thing showing at that time.  We ordered our snackies and proceeded to the empty theater.  The movie came on after the hour long previews. 
(and some things never change)
We sat back in the cool theater and I was pulled into a whirlpool of emotions.  It is a "chick-flick".  One of the very few GWH has enjoyed with me and one we still least I do.
     When I left the theater I remember having a persistent feeling that this movie would hold an enormous amount of meaning for me at a later time.
(Now that I think about it, I know it was my Angels tapping me on the shoulder saying, "Remember this. You will relate to all these women one day.")
       Little did I know that in my life since then I would build and experience relationships with women not unlike those of Idgie and Ruth as well as Evelyn and Ninny.  I didn't know that I would be gracefully mentored by women who would leave this world too soon but not before they taught me something about life.  I also did not know then that the word Towanda would signify what I want my own daughters to aspire to.  
     Towanda to me means a woman who embodies grace, strength, tenacity, gumption, intelligence, and wisdom.  I pray that God brings women into my girls' path who will help guide them on this life's journey as He has for me. I would like to thank all those women in my life who have done this for me!  You are special to me.  You are my Comadres and I love you!  
The Lesson
Mostly though, I pray that my girls live life so fully that at the end of the day they can say this...




  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new word. I like the Lesson that you posted at the end.

  2. I'm so glad you could come by and pay me another visit! Now off to tackle U...uh, uh, ugh!