Wednesday, April 24, 2013

V is for Vegetables

     I'm really stretching with this one folks. But nonetheless I did find something to relate to the letter V.
     Today students V is for vegetables.  They stand for the kind of on the fly activity I had the kiddos participate in today.  Remember how Earth Day was on Monday? Well, I had all these plans for activities centered around celebrating this great world we have all been blessed with.  I wanted to paint huge globes.  I wanted them to make concentric circles out of different colored construction paper that illustrated the progression from "Me-My Room-My Neighborhood...all the way to My World.  It wasn't an original idea.  I got it off of Pinterest!
     Anyhow, that and several other hundred plans got interrupted by something or the other.  That's pretty much how planning goes for me.  It's a pain sometimes.  It's hours of thinking, researching, and prep work for a huge let down sometimes.  But it's okay. I've learned to be flexible.  I don't sweat the small stuff anymore when it come to that part of my job.  What's that saying?  Something about "the best laid plans."  I can't recall the rest right now.  I'm too pooped  to pop!
     So as I was saying, I had all these grand plans and well time got away from me and the kiddos.  I wanted them to plant seeds for Earth Day.  It was going to be our little contribution to the world.  Well we didn't get to it until today.  So I took all 392 little excited chillens and while I was calling them over one by one to plant their, Mother's Day Salads in a Pot,

 I learned something new about many of my kiddos.  Most of them had never planted a seed.  Some of them did not know that you need to fill the pot with soil first, then plant the seed.  Some of them drowned their seeds. Some of them barely sprinkled their soil.

     So my plans?  Well I think it was a God thing that all my plans got tossed about.  The children had fun being little gardeners.  I had fun teaching them something new.  And well, we got a head start on our Mother's Day gifts to boot!  Yippee!!!

     Now that I look back at this post, I probably should have titled it...V is for Venting.  Thanks for indulging me!


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