Thursday, April 25, 2013

W is WOW!

     I think I'm getting the hang of this A-Z Challenge.
(Yes I realize it's almost over)
     It's teaching me how to 'think' about writing everyday. It's forcing me to 'string words' together more effectively.  I'm finding inspiration everywhere and I've also realized that perhaps God brought this challenge upon me in order to put a natural talent to the test. It's making me look at everything around me with a different set of eyes. I find myself asking, "How can I describe this in a story so that I can convey a feeling."
     So, with that I hope this (based on actual facts) true story leaves you saying...
     She wondered when her day would come to read to the pretty principal.  Each week her teacher would call names and hers never came out of Teacher's mouth.  This would make her a little sadder each day.  She liked the books Teacher gave them.  She liked the pictures, but she didn't know why she couldn't figure out those squiggly lines.  Teacher kept telling them that they said words but to her they just looked like squiggly lines.  
     When she finally understood that those lines matched sounds her teacher described, it started to make sense. Those squiggly lines made their own unique form and those forms were called letters.  It was still very hard to remember which form matched which corresponding sound that Teacher made.  It was frustrating and that made her a little sad too.  But she kept on trying.  
     Then one day she got to sit at the Teacher's Table.  When Teacher showed her a picture and had her match it to three forms it started to make a little more sense to her.  Those forms matched the picture.  Everywhere she looked the same forms made the same sounds and they matched the picture in her head.  But it was still so hard to remember them all. 
     Teacher gave her little books to take home. She took those little books and she practiced them over and over again with her mommy.  Sometimes her mommy would sigh, let out a long breath and rub her head.  She only saw her teacher do that once.  After that one time she got to go to the Teacher's Table more often.  She even got to stay after-school and practice with the other Super Readers.  She liked doing that.  She loved having special time with Teacher.  
     Everyday she would practice with Teacher.  Everyday she would practice with Mommy.  Everyday she hoped she would be chosen to go visit the pretty principal that called her Princess.  Everyday she was disappointed.  But she still kept practicing.  She wasn't giving up.  
     Then one day, when she wasn't expecting it, Teacher called her name!  It was her turn to read to the pretty principal!  She took her book home to practice.  She read it over and over again.  She was going to be ready.  
     When the day came, she and two friends walked to the office.  The office ladies smiled and said good morning.  They told them to sit and wait on the big chairs.  Big kids came in and looked at them.  Scary.  Big teachers came in and looked at them.  Scarier.  She hugged her book closer to her heart.
     Then it was her turn.  The pretty principal said good morning.  She asked her about her book.  She asked her if she was ready.  She told her that she was ready with a nod.  She took a big breath.  She held her book tightly in her hands.  Her heart beat quickly.  She took another deep breath.  The pretty principal told her to take her time. She inhaled again. Paused....and she read those squiggly lines!  She read those forms!  She read those words!  She read the entire book to that pretty principal and when she was done she got to choose a sparkly pencil! She was excited about that, but she was most excited about what the pretty principal told her.  She told her she was proud of her!  She was proud of herself too.
     That afternoon when she got home and saw her momma she couldn't hold it in any longer.  She burst into tears.  Her momma got scared.  She asked her what was wrong.  She asked her what had happened to make her so sad.  She couldn't talk.  She was sobbing too hard.  She couldn't calm herself down.  Her momma was getting very worried.  "What happened," she asked again.  "Did someone hit you? What happened?"  She finally calmed down enough to get the words out. "No Momma.  I did it! I did it! After all the practice, I did it! I can read! I'm so happy!"
     Her momma went to Open House that evening.  She shared the story with Teacher.  And they all sobbed tears of joy.  She did it!
The Lesson

Don't give up on them. 
Thanks Patty.  I hope I did it justice!  



  1. Whoah there! I was almost in tears, the suspense was too great but a double triple WOW!
    Great post thank you and yes this adventure has been great in getting us to write and then more .. bleary eyed, exhausted, etc etc ...
    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff

  2. Bleary eyed, yes! Afterwards will we be able to get some sleep? Methinks...not.