Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Year!

The Year of a Teacher in Y's!
Yikes!... the day before the day before school. We get that feeling too.
Yearning!...watching your old class walk by in a perfectly straight line as you're trying to teach your new ones how to do it right.
Yelling!...biting your tongue and taking a deep breath when those routines are just being learned.
Yesterday!...As in, "What do you mean you don't remember, didn't I just teach that to you      yesterday?"
Yes!...What you say when they finally get it.
Yuck! projects lurking in desks or cubbies, all those fluids that come out of them, that feeling you get when one of those lovelies sneezes on you!
Yet!...what you interject with when they say, "I can't do it ___!"
Yeehaw!..what we say when the end of the year comes...but we really do love your babies...really we do... yust read the next Y.

And finally (not really as this is a work in progress)
... and too, I had to make up a word!

Yondering!...Hopes and prayers for a great future for those kiddos and what this teacher does the last day of school while she sits in that empty classroom...and cries just a little bit...or a lot because she already misses them!



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