Friday, May 10, 2013

Caught Red Handed

     The week started off with a bang!  I met the cherubs on the blacktop and in my Monday morning fog, I did not notice that some of them were hiding their hands behind their backs.  Throughout the Pledge, the Character Trait spell-out, the singing of the National Anthem, the Perfect Attendance drawing, and around two bazillion other Monday morning to-dos, I did not notice that the darlings were hiding something...
        Not until all 392 little shuffling people made it into the building, up the stairs and to the door, did I notice that they were hiding "stuff"!  
     Once we got past the backpack carnage...and past the little bodies blocking the door...they bombarded me with their gifts!  Happy Teacher's Week!!!
 And that's how the week started...
     Fast forward to today.  Now I know this Sunday is Mother's Day.  I know this, not only because I'm a Momma too, but because the cherubs kept on reminding me that our Mother's Day Salads have not been doing well:( 
     Nope.  Even with out vigilant tending, they have not sprouted.  I knew this Monday.  I knew that I needed to do something for the Mommas in my class.  But like so many other things in my life, I run out of time.  I felt really guilty about this.
       So today, at about 9:00 a.m. I got a wild hair.  I saw the red paint. I saw their little hands. I thought about Pinterest.  I recalled a craft.  Yes! We were going to make Red Heart Handprints and give them to our lovely Mommas with a crown for her special day to boot!
(you know where this is going...but keep reading, there are a few twists and turns!)
       So, we got that red paint out and we made hand print hearts! 

 And all was going groovy, until...
     Miss Steph came to through the door. "Uh, Mrs. B. did your class paint today because someone left their art work on the restroom mirror."  She motioned with her hands spread out. 
      I turned and glared at all 397 innocent darlings.  
     "Is this artwork in the girl's or boy's restroom?" I inquired.  "The boys," she answered.  "Okay gentlemen, who decided to get creative in the restroom? And don't tell me it was Naughtmie.  He's not here today!"
     They all stared at me. "Okay friends, someone fess up and no-one gets in trouble.  They'll just have to help clean it up."
(blink..blink...eyes averted...eyes rolling heavenward...girl mob forming with arms on hips readying themselves to judge the accused)
     "Okay, since no one wants to tell me, let's all take a trip to the restroom and find out who's hands fit."  
     That's when several of them started to pipe up.  "I-I-I-I saw those when I washed my hands."
"When I went to wash my hands there wasn't anything there."  As well as other protests from the Dirt Clod Gang!
     So I did what any sane teacher would do.  I marched them all to the boy's restroom.  I looked at the handiwork and figured that only 4 of those little hands fit those particular prints.  Those 4 little people still wouldn't fess up.  I pretended to call an imaginary Momma on the phone.  I pretended to speak to that Momma.  The imaginary Momma told me that she was going to take lots of toys away.  When I said this, 3 of those little darlings squinted their eyes, blinked several times, one even rubbed his head.  They gave themselves away.  I said goodbye to the "Momma" but not until after I told "her" I would see her in the office in a few minutes.  We all sat down on the carpet.  I still wasn't totally sure that the 3 were completely guilty.  We talked about taking care of our school.  We talked about our recent visit from the brother of the namesake of our school and how he was there that day and, "how very sad he would be that the students of his brother's school were not taking care of it."
  "How sad huh Teacher?" Of course the Frilly Femmes had to point out their disappointment.
(tsk...tsk... for shame, for shame!...wait a minute.  Didn't I already write about these Pixies in Pink doing something similar? Why, yes I have. How soon they forget!)
     I agreed that it was very sad.  We all shook our heads in unison.  The Queen of Glitter with her Ladies in Waiting.  We were a force to be reckoned with.  With our arms folded and our hips pushed out to one side, we looked menacing, I'm sure.  
     The three looked around.  Two darlings volunteered to clean the prints off the mirror. 
(they're so helpful...and no I didn't let them clean it...that would have been really crazy!)
     Then one darling piped up.  "You shouldn't do those things.  God is watching," then another added in, "and Santa too!"

The Lesson

On this Mother's Day, hug those little people.  Look at those little hands and remember, they are little blessings to not only you, but to those Teachers you share them with!


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