Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do It Now!

"Mom, there was this story about these police officers dressing up during Halloween and this person said that they were too old to dress up.  What do you think?"
     These are the types of questions that come from the backseat of my car on the way to taking my girls here, there and everywhere.  These are the types of questions that put my life back into perspective.   These are the types of questions that motivate me.
(You'll just have to keep reading to see what I answered. How's that for keeping you in suspense...but I bet you can figure what I said...a zillion points if you get it right!)

Meanwhile fast forward to later this morning...
     My students and I are studying the life of the namesake of our school.  They are excited because they get to meet his brother tomorrow and ask him questions.
(he's going to feel like such a Rock-Star!)
     Now, let me tell you a little something about Firsties.  They love to ask questions.  But a word to the wise.  If you ever get invited to speak to a group of 5, 6, or 7 year old kiddos, remember this...
     Do not say, "Do you have any questions?"  For if you do, you will either get stories, as in, "This one time..." or, "Yesterday when my mom..." or get asked really interesting/personal questions that you just might not be prepared to answer. "How old are you?" or "Do you sleep in pajamas?"

     Anticipating that these two things will happen, I prepped my darlings.  I asked them for questions.  They surprised me.  I didn't get any stories.  They actually wanted to know some really cool stuff.  This is a sampling of what they asked.
1.  Did he like sports?
2.  Did he like to draw pictures?
3.  What was his favorite food?
4.  What was his favorite color?
5.  Did he like Dr. Suess books?
6.  What did he and your brothers and sisters play when you were kids?
7.  Did he like trees?
8.  What kind of music did he like?
9.  What was his favorite flavor of ice-cream?
10.  What was his favorite game?
     As you can tell these are child-centered questions.  They want to know what he was like when he was a child.  This is how they can relate to him.  But as they asked their questions it hit me like a ton of tamales.  Many of these questions they want to ask the brother of our schools namesake, I could not answer about my own brothers and sister.  I felt a little sad.  My brothers and sister are still living and I don't know these answers!  Needless to say, I have to change that.

The Lesson
Get to know the people in your family.  When they are gone, the only thing you have left is what you carry in your heart
People who say you're too old to do something, are too old!

I'm curious...what are your answers?

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