Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Messages from Little Angels

     The bell screamed out the signal for the end of lunch.  "Ugh! Not over already.  I hope this afternoon is better than this morning." She heaved herself up from her chair.  "Time to get the darlings."
     As she walked out to retrieve her brood, the same little people she had practicing walking in a line at morning recess rushed at her and practically knocked her over.  They still didn't learn their lesson! "Teacher he..."  "Get back in line!"  She griped at them.  "We will discuss any issues in class.  She checked the line and marched them all in.  When they arrived at their destination.  She gave them instructions.  "Go in.  Walk to your desks.  Do not talk and put your heads down."  She repeated her instructions 3 times.  She asked them to repeat the instructions.
  They began to talk as soon as they began to move. 
      She walked over to the front of the class, started writing names on the whiteboard and as she did this the volume in the classroom quickly dissipated.  She inhaled deeply as she turned to the 31 sets of puppy dog eyes looking at her.  She paused, then croaked out. "Okay friends, it is nearly the end of the school year.  You are all nearly second graders.  This morning you were all supposed to be working on your tasks and you were not supposed to get out of your seats and many of you did."
      She could hear the blinking of their innocent eyes as they glanced at each other. 
 "Do you see the list of names on the board? These are the names of all the friends I watched get out of their seats, chat with their friends, clean out their desks, read their library books, stare at the ceiling, do everything BUT what I asked them to do just right now.  Several of these friends had to practice walking in a line at recess this morning.  We are still having issues.  Friends, what exactly is Rule number 5?" 
     They all looked up at her and in unison recited, "Keep your teacher happy, because if teacher is happy then we're happy!"
      "Well friends, look at my face.  Am I happy?"  As she was saying this one sweaty little sweetie stood up and proceeded to walk up to her.  She looked around the classroom searching for the cameras she just knew were catching the bewildered look on her face."  He handed her an index card. "Here Teacher I made this for you."  She did the only thing she could do.  She took it from him.  She read it.  And she smiled.
The Lesson
My Rock-Star teacher buddy said this when I shared what had happened today.  "These are little gifts from God.  He knows what we need and he delivers His messages on the wings of these Little Angels.  We are so blessed!"


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