Friday, June 7, 2013

...And the teacher cried help!

     I've written about my student's buddies and the bond they've created throughout the year, but this week two completely unrelated events solidified the importance of creating mentors out of the kiddos at any school.

Well, Get Up...

     He was rolling on the ground.  Kicking up the dirt with one foot and making sure I didn't make eye contact but at the same time making sure I knew he was there.  He was angry because I didn't let him organize some books for me and instead wanted him to, no, no, do some work.  He was going to punish me for not letting him have his way and well, on this 100+ degree day, I was not going to stay outside and suffer with him.   He is an expert in passive aggressiveness.  He could give classes.  I think he may have.  Now that I think of it, all those trips to the restroom...dang-it! He was holding class in there! Now, I get it.  
(I'm quick like that)
      So, I lined up all the sweaty little sweeties actually listening to me (that minute) and proceeded to march them in.  " Are you coming with me or do you want me to have Mr. R come out and getcha?"  He pouted and gave me the stink-eye and spun on his bottom. "Hrumph!"  He was going to make me pay!.
(two years of that look, and it still makes me giggle...he hasn't figured that out)
     As he was giving me the death-ray look, not two inches from him I noticed yet another little darlin' stretched out on his back making cement angels.  He too was  angry at his teacher for something or the other.
     So here it is 100,000 degrees out, my other cherubs are contemplating mutiny to get into the air-conditioned building, and I'm stuck with these two lovelies.  What do I do?  Well, what any seasoned professional educator would do...I called The First Knight, Eagle Scout #1, The Man Who Makes the Big Bucks, The Human Fire Extinguisher, The Running Man, The...VP!!!
( More names for our Admin team? I got a million of 'em!) 
     And there he was to save the daaaaay! Poor man was actually doing something we rarely see him do...Eat!  I felt horrible disturbing him, but someone had to go out and get those kiddos in!!! 
 "Hey Mr. R. One of my little friends and another little friend are outside and they don't want to come in."
Fast forward about 15 minutes...
     In trots in my little friend followed by my VP still doing that rare activity and he shared that he asked my little friend to ask the cement angel why he was mad.
     "Hey, I need you to help me over here."  Mr. Pouty Lips got up and bent over Mr. Cement Angel.
"Why you mad?"  "I want a drink of water!" "Well get up and get a drink of water." "Okay."
And that was it!  Conflict resolved.  No time-outs.  No more crying and Mr. R was able to eat his salad!




  1. I think his understudy is in my class!

    1. Isn't it funny that as teachers we feel so isolated at times, when in fact, we've all got them. The only difference is the names, sizes and faces!