Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wisdom from the Backseat

It's the season for changes.
      Although challenging and often-times bittersweet, these changes need to continue in order for life to be lived to the fullest.  Without change, well, life isn't worth living.  I'm amazed at how little people can explain things so simply and profoundly.
 Let me 'splain...
     While driving home Glitterific Girl, B'Girl and I talked about the huge possibility of our moving.
( Really, we need to.  GWH and I are running out of room and these two girls are spilling out into our space...excuse me while I move some stuff!)
      Glitterific piped up and said, to my surprise, "Mom, I don't want to move unless Dad digs up Hunny and Bucky, puts them in the car and we take them with us."
     Well, after 32 seconds of imagining GWH exhuming the remains of our dearly departed, I hear a giggle from the back seat and a, "Eeeeyew, Hunny would be stinky!" from B'Girl.
(It's amazing how she read my mind!)
     Then, being the sensitive person that she is, Glitterific responded with, "Well, I'm not moving because they would be lonely."  My mind went..............blank!  What would I say to this girl?
     So, we got into a little discussion about how our doggies souls are forever with us and their bodies are mere coverings.  I thought my explanation was sufficient until Glitterific added this...

The Lesson
 When someone we love dies it's like they are a clam. We eat what is inside the shell and it goes inside us and it stays with us. That's their soul.  What's left is the covering that held the good stuff!

Here's to the good stuff!


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