Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life is like a crayon...

 You are perfect and your possibilities are limitless.  
The person your life has been entrusted to attempts to keep you as perfect as possible. for as long as possible.  They take hold of you with tenderness and they revel in your scent, newness and flawlessness.

You are made to feel special.  In fact, you are special for a very long time.  But with all things put to good use you become worn and often broken.  Attempts are made to mend those pieces, however, tape will not adhere, the mending falls off and you no longer fit in your original home.

It's time to find a new home.
Your old one has been well worn by use and it can no longer contain you.  When placed there the fit is tight and you are lost.  So, you're given a new home and there you swim, oddly enough, more comfortably with the other broken and well worn colors.

 For a long time, these new surroundings make you feel tossed aside, disregarded and abandoned for something new.  You feel a mixture of sadness and anxiousness.  You ask your self questions.  Many questions.  Will you ever feel like you have a purpose again?  Will you ever feel special again?  You begin to think that your use for creating beauty is a fading memory.  And the boldness? It is but a shadow.
Then one day, someone reaches in and the remains of your original casing is shorn.  This is the beginning of something foreign. It is terrifyingly exhilarating as this is a rebirth.  And you learn even more about yourself than you ever dreamed possible.
Although you encounter others that share the same hue, you are unique. From being with this eclectic mix you have earned remarkable etchings and specks of colors that set you apart from every other crayon in the mix.  You are you and there will never be another like you.
You realize that how you started out was imperfect in its perfection.
The impossibilities had not been dreamed.
 Beauty and vibrancy was a sleeping illusion and now... you are the most perfect you.

And remelted together...
carefully poured in another form...
your hues are truly limitless...

and you are amazing!


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