Thursday, August 29, 2013


     Little Pixie in a frilly skirt looked perturbed as she held the door open for all 2947 little sweaty firsties trotting in from lunch recess.  "Everything alright at lunch honey?" I asked, half knowing who was the cause for the scrunched up look on her little face.  "We need to have a meeting," she replied through huffy breaths.  "There was a problem..." I couldn't quite make out the rest of her words since the noise coming out of 2947 sweaty firsties... coming in from just having grilled cheese... running and standing in 102 degree weather...on the second week of first grade... rivals that of an empty freight train... rolling along in the middle of a tornado in New York City. (although I've never been to New York City, but friends tell me it's loud)
     So, being set on establishing those routines and putting out fires as they come up at the beginning of school, I say to her. " Well honey, you're the Student Teacher, have everyone sit on the carpet and we'll call a meeting."  So being the efficient little boss lady that she is (I know a leader when I see 'em) she barks out the order for everyone to quiet down and sit for a meeting to discuss our "issues" at recess.          As everyone quieted down, I asked her to tell what went on.  Little Pixie in the frilly skirt proceeds to address the crowd and spurts out, with out missing a syllable, "The problem is...when I was holding the door open _________ (insert your own little darlin's name here...and 'ya know you have one already!) called me a M...F'er!"
     And know what???  Nobody flinched...not even their Teacher.  She was too busy trying to contain her giggles!

     So, friends.  How's your year comin' along?


Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to Cook a Chicken

It's that time again. Time to squeeze my feet back into real shoes, brush my hair and put on make-up, dust off the alarm clock, and choose a focus for the new school year and for my busy life really. This year I'm gonna teach them all how to cook a chicken.
( say whaaaaat?!?!)
Okay let me 'splain...
I have been blessed to learn how to do this job of mothering and teachering from some of the best out there.  The lessons come quite incidentally and when they come something in the back my pea brain says,"Hold on to this. You're gonna need it one day."
(I hear those angels telling me it was them all along)
Several years ago, before the days of children. Before the days of sleepless nights. Before  the days of fly by the seat of my pants mornings and before the days of dazed confusion, I sat planning with two best teacher buddies at that time. Both ladies had my life now. Kids, work, family, kids, work, family, rinse, repeat...
As we sat there, Jennie, at that time had two boys in highschool, one in junior high and one in kindergarten.
(whew! and she still had time to do her nails!)
After the usual how are you's, Jennie proceeded to give her boy instructions on what to do with the chicken in her fridge. "Take it out of the package. Place it in the pan. Pour the sauce over it. Turn the oven on to..." The entire time she was doing this she was also shuffling papers, writing things down, handing things to me and our buddy Laurene and doing it with ease and grace.  During this whole interaction, Laurene looked over at me and with pure awe in her voice she said to me, "She's teaching him how to cook and he doesn't even know it."
So, this year I will channel my inner Jennie. I will try my darndest to teach incidentally, give patient direction and teach 'em even when they don't even know it!



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Greetings from Tuscany

Where the wine grapes are ready for picking...
  The trees tell stories...
The bella signoras guide you through lyrical paths...
To out of the way sleeping treasure sites...
Until once again the schoolbell rings and slurps us back into reality!

It's that time again and well, the "imagication" is nearly over!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Goodbye, Brother...

Even before I turned and saw what had happened I knew all was not alright.  Like a Momma with her sixth sense tuned into every twitch, whimper and whine the babies she bore make, I knew that something was wrong even before GWH walked in. (ha! the sucker slinked in really) 
From the abyss that we call "the GARAGE", he said nothing. He just held it up as I tried to make a sound. "I think it's time to get rid of this, " he finally said, "I was lifting something and all I heard was snap!" 
 And all I could say was..."Hold it there while I get my phone so I can post this on my Facebook!" 

So, goodbye and me...hundreds of sleepless hours.
I will miss you and your clickety-clack-clickety-clickety-clickety-cachunka-cachunka-cachunka...
I guess I had to let you go somehow.  
(however.. I did contemplate going out and getting it out of the recycle bin...)

Really though, if it weren't for me being busy crushing and boiling 40 pounds of grapes into jelly...well...
 From this...
To this!
And during all the, this-that-and the other happenings of busy summer life...

This, other-that, was going on! 

"Mom, I like the stories I write and those are the ones I like to read."

So...what kind of this-that-and the other is happening with you?