Sunday, August 4, 2013

Goodbye, Brother...

Even before I turned and saw what had happened I knew all was not alright.  Like a Momma with her sixth sense tuned into every twitch, whimper and whine the babies she bore make, I knew that something was wrong even before GWH walked in. (ha! the sucker slinked in really) 
From the abyss that we call "the GARAGE", he said nothing. He just held it up as I tried to make a sound. "I think it's time to get rid of this, " he finally said, "I was lifting something and all I heard was snap!" 
 And all I could say was..."Hold it there while I get my phone so I can post this on my Facebook!" 

So, goodbye and me...hundreds of sleepless hours.
I will miss you and your clickety-clack-clickety-clickety-clickety-cachunka-cachunka-cachunka...
I guess I had to let you go somehow.  
(however.. I did contemplate going out and getting it out of the recycle bin...)

Really though, if it weren't for me being busy crushing and boiling 40 pounds of grapes into jelly...well...
 From this...
To this!
And during all the, this-that-and the other happenings of busy summer life...

This, other-that, was going on! 

"Mom, I like the stories I write and those are the ones I like to read."

So...what kind of this-that-and the other is happening with you?


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