Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Greetings from Tuscany

Where the wine grapes are ready for picking...
  The trees tell stories...
The bella signoras guide you through lyrical paths...
To out of the way sleeping treasure sites...
Until once again the schoolbell rings and slurps us back into reality!

It's that time again and well, the "imagication" is nearly over!



  1. Yikes...that bell!
    I do not have to start work until September 11 with kids...the 6th is when I think I have to be back at work. I am going on vacation now BUT I am sure I will be hating it when I don't get out of school until June 25!
    Happy Back to School!

    1. Aw have fun. I never thought I would miss the days of year-round school but what I do miss the most about it is being off in the fall.