Saturday, September 14, 2013

Soccer B'girl

B'girl, B'girl sitting in her chair.
Ten times too small
But she don't care
Thinking of her puppy
Takes her blues away
How her Momma so wishes
Little would she stay!



Thursday, September 12, 2013

Puppy Love

Do you have a "thing"? I have a "thing". Well, I have a lot of "things". But one of those "things" is the fact that I cannot help myself when it comes to puppies and kidlets.  There's something about the wiggly-waggly unconditional love those little critters give us that can't be beat.  From their little wet noses to their little fluffy paws they bring a smile to my face.  They make me happy.  They make my B'Girl happy.  As I listen to her talk to them I can't help but peak in and watch entranced as they stare at each other and with a cock of their heads and a twitch of their ears, I know that they understand.  They speak the language of children and small animals.  Love.




Sunday, September 8, 2013


Do you have mind albums? I do. Tucked away on a dusty shelf , holding the most precious of snapshots, these mind albums wait until someone picks them up, blows the dust off, and lovingly turns the pages to the memories closest to our hearts; those that played the most important part in molding who we are right now.  Like a child pulling on my shirttail beckoning my every ounce of attention and energy, I stopped everything last week and turned to a page in my mind album.

My Mom lost her bff last week and the moment I received the news, I turned to a small black and white snapshot of a very cute lady resembling Betty Boop and her hunky boyfriend rocking the "Elvis" wave. They were and are two of my mom and dad's closest and dearest childhood friends. I remember the glow on the faces of my parents whenever they got news that they would be coming to town. During these far between visits I caught a glimpse of who my mom and dad were as youngsters; long before the responsibilities of  jobs and children and long before the heart ache of loss.

Laughter was at the forefront of all these visits and because these friends "got" them, I saw my parents as they really are at their core. They finished each other's sentences. They told wicked jokes, laughed and argued, told the same silly stories that I could never get enough of and they would do this until the sun came up. It was during one of these visits that I first heard my father sing. Wow! Albeit, it was a bilingual version of Duke of Earl that, well, let's just say Glitterific Girl doesn't need to hear the lyrics to it.

(tu, tu, tu... tu cabron...tu, tu...tu cabron...)

It still makes me giggle. I'm Glitterific Girl and my parents...and their friends.
I realized that these visits molded my opinion and my values of what true friendship truly looks like, sounds like and who I keep in my inner circle.

To my friends...thank you for "getting" me and to all my parent's friends...thank you for loving them and showing me what true friendship really is.




Monday, September 2, 2013

Three day weekends...cough!

They got me! Yep. Within the first few days I heard it. Through the squeals and screeches of, "There's an aaaaaaaant!!!"
(Did I mention those critters have found their way to my classroom? No? Well they have. Yep. Yep. Yuuuup. They have. Give me a second. I need to sigh deeply, roll my eyes and shake my head...okay)

Anyhoo. As I was sayin'. I heard the sound of deep gutteral coughing and sniffling the first few days of the first few days of first few grade. And I tried really hard to deny that I was going to catch it.  I'm a robust, healthy, can't catch me Mom.  I don't have time to get sick. So I stayed away from him. Well. I tried. And all my tryin' got me nowhere. Nothin'. Nada.
And so I sit here after a busy weekend of car washing, and soccer game watching, and errand running, and laundry washing and...(that's a whole lotta 'inging') writing this just saying that...that little sucker got me and it isn't even the third week of school!
Oh well. Between the M...F'er and the ants and Little Mr. Snoots A Lot...I think this is going to be a very, excuse me...AAAAAAAAAACHOOOOOO....very interesting year indeed...
Oh, and did I tell you that I got to sleep with two girls, three dogs, and a cat last night...oh and GWH was in there somewhere too...I think...somewhere...I think...GWH??? Oh, GWH???