Monday, September 2, 2013

Three day weekends...cough!

They got me! Yep. Within the first few days I heard it. Through the squeals and screeches of, "There's an aaaaaaaant!!!"
(Did I mention those critters have found their way to my classroom? No? Well they have. Yep. Yep. Yuuuup. They have. Give me a second. I need to sigh deeply, roll my eyes and shake my head...okay)

Anyhoo. As I was sayin'. I heard the sound of deep gutteral coughing and sniffling the first few days of the first few days of first few grade. And I tried really hard to deny that I was going to catch it.  I'm a robust, healthy, can't catch me Mom.  I don't have time to get sick. So I stayed away from him. Well. I tried. And all my tryin' got me nowhere. Nothin'. Nada.
And so I sit here after a busy weekend of car washing, and soccer game watching, and errand running, and laundry washing and...(that's a whole lotta 'inging') writing this just saying that...that little sucker got me and it isn't even the third week of school!
Oh well. Between the M...F'er and the ants and Little Mr. Snoots A Lot...I think this is going to be a very, excuse me...AAAAAAAAAACHOOOOOO....very interesting year indeed...
Oh, and did I tell you that I got to sleep with two girls, three dogs, and a cat last night...oh and GWH was in there somewhere too...I think...somewhere...I think...GWH??? Oh, GWH???



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