Sunday, October 20, 2013

My FUN-ky Week!

     Nope I'm not talking about some Candy Dulfer song.  Do you know who Candy Dulfer is? Well, you should.   I'm talking about that feeling of overwhelmence (is that a word?) about this time in there's too much of too much and you need something to pull you out of it.
How do you do it? Thanks to some really funny people out there...namely people who think like kids, laugh like kids, and act like kids...of all ages, I get help getting myself out of that funk and turning it into FUN-k! Here's some FUN-ky stuff from the past week...

     1. Ask kids what their favorite number is.  You get this look of thoughtful introspection from them              and then they come up with some really random-not so random answers like..."I like the number            10 because it's round." Or..."I like the number 17 because it's 8."
     2. Go on a wild bug chase...with scotch tape in hand...when someone screams, "A BUG!"

     3. Go to Target and try on wigs!

     4. Stare at the moon...and howl at it with your chihuahua...and girls...and...and...!

     5. Throw in a random word when someone is venting.  Really. They look at you like you're nutso 
          then they giggle, then you both start two 6 year olds and then everything is okay                 again!
     6. Eat ice cream. Yeah that heals a lot of stuff!

     7. Watch as your chihuahua trots past you...eyeing you the whole she so sneakily takes a 
          pair of socks out through the doggie door. 
          Watch as your chowhuahua trots past you...eyeing you 
          the whole she sneakily takes a pair of underwear out through the doggie door.  

     8.  Go on a wild doggie chase throughout the back yard trying to retrieve 5,382 pairs of socks, 
          undies, towels...from them!

      9.  Watch as your chowhuahua flips through the air catching flies!

      10. Chase the cat through the house when you hear the beginnings of a full on hairball purge!

And listen to some Candy Dulfer while you're at it!


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