Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quotes, Advice, and Words to LIve By #1

 "When you become a teacher there is something you must remember.  There is a difference between confidence and competence.  One must come before the other and one makes you look like an ass."

"More than two children together is a mob."

Dr. Ivan Rowe

     In my puny little life I have been blessed to be taught by the best, quite incidentally, and sometimes quite by accident.  Such was my student teaching supervisor, Dr. Ivan Rowe.  He was a small, round sort of fellow whom, now that I look back at my mind album, reminds me of a character right out of The Hobbit.  With his crisp, quick paced New Zealand accent, Dr. Rowe bestowed (hee, I made a rhyme!) 
unto me his wisdom of the ages.  I remember these word lessons, have taken them to heart and giggle every time someone does something befitting those words. 
Thanks Dr. Rowe...wherever you are!


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