Sunday, October 6, 2013

Smiley Face!

Little Pixie in Pigtails held her momma's hand tightly and glanced up at her as she held back her tears.  She was tardy again.  Momma was tired.  Her new baby sister, her twin sisters and she were dealing with the effects of a nasty bug.  Momma was at her wits end.  Momma gave her a look that said only one thing, "Don't cry. I cant' handle that right now."  So she didn't cry.  Today she was going to be a big girl and walk in alone.  She tapped on the door, ever so lightly.  Maybe no one would hear it and she wouldn't have to go in.  From out there she could hear them saying words.  She peeked through the long window.  They were staring at those squiggly lines and mouthing words.  Her heart beat faster as a big kid twice her size and twice her age opened the door.  She wondered who he was.  This wasn't one of her friends.  He held the door open as she stared wide eyed up at him.  Her momma bent down and gave her a peck, a little hug and a coax past the threshold of her classroom.  "Good morning honey.  Come on in.  It's good to see you this morning. Come join us.  We're practicing our reading!"  The sound of her teacher's greeting helped ease her anxiety just a little bit.  Reading.  That's what her teacher called what they did when they looked at those squiggly lines.   Her teacher called to the big boy who had held the door open for her.  "Nathan, would you mind stting with our friend and helping her today?"   The big boy nodded.  He came over to sit with her.  She looked up at him.  He sat next to her most of the morning until they went to recess.
     Recess was one of her favorite times of the day.  She didn't have to do things that made her scared.  At recess she was free and felt good about herself.  Then the bell rang and it was time to go back in and look at more squiggly lines.  This time they had to write them.  Teacher tried to make it fun.  But somehow she could never match those lines to the ones that came out of her mouth.  Even drawing a picture wasn't fun.  Today was different though.  Teacher asked the big boy to help her.  The big boy helped her draw a picture.  He was a good artist.  The big boy wrote squiggly lines for her when she told him her story.  He told her he would read it to her if she put her fingers under the words.  Words, that's what he called those squiggly lines.  He told her she did a good job.  He told her it was a good story and to go show teacher.  She looked up at him.  Her heart beat faster.  "Go on.  Go show your teacher."  So she did.  She stood beside her teacher's table until the child she was working with scurried away.  Teacher looked up at her with that look.  She didn't know what it meant, but she knew it made her heart beat even faster when she saw it.  Her teacher took a deep breath, let it out and smiled.  "Whatcha got honey?"  "My story teacher." "Read it to me honey."  She repeated what she had said to the big boy while he wrote the squiggly lines.  Then teacher did something no one had ever done before.  She smiled and wrote a smiley face on her paper!  She gushed and she threw her arms around her teacher's neck and she squeezed as hard as she could.  "Oh thank you teacher! Thank you! Thank you!"  Teacher squeezed back and she told her this.  "Oh Missy Miss. You're gonna make teacher cry!"
And she squeezed her even harder.  This was a great day.  She got a smiley face on her paper!



  1. This is a really wonderful story. I could feel all the emotions involved. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

  2. It makes me sad because that little girl could have been any of my students at my old school. A little believing goes a loooong way :)

    Lost of people need to read this!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Love it!! So true! :)