Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quotes Advice, and words to live by #4:You can always change your mind...

     Little Pixie with Dimples sat on the floor staring intently at the picture her teacher decided to post on the board that morning. They were playing the "What is it?" game again. She liked the "What is it?" game. This was a thinking game. Teacher said this game would help them form a 'pinion. She didn't know what a 'pinion was but she sure did know she liked how everyone shared their idea. She told teacher that. Teacher said she liked her word, idea, too. This made Little Pixie with Dimples smile. It made her feel smart.
     So, they all sat there. They studied the picture. They all drew what was in their 'magination. They finished the picture. Then teacher asked each of them to give their 'pinion. They sat in a circle. They passed the microphone. The closer it got to her the more nervous she got. She felt her heart beating faster and louder each time one of her friends gave their 'pinion. She listened. Most of them thought it was the same thing. They gave their reasons. She didn't think it was what they thought it was. Something in her 'magination told her what it really was, but it wasn't anything close to what they thought. This made her nervous. Would they think she was weird. Would she be able to explain what she saw in her 'magination? She didn't know. She just knew that she knew what it was. She knew she was right.
     Then it was her turn. She took the microphone and held it with a sweaty fist.Teacher asked after a while, "So, honey what is your opinion? What do you think it is?" She looked down at her picture. She wasn't so sure now. Everyone was so sure of their own 'pinion. She wasn't so sure anymore. She stood up. "It's snow," she said, "because I saw it somewhere and that's what it looks like when it melts." Everyone stared at her with a funny look. One friend giggled. She wanted to cry. Then teacher took the microphone. "Okay friends, now that we gave all your opinions and your reasons, let's look at the whole picture and see if any of you change it."
So, teacher peeled back the page very slowly. Everyone sat still. She closed her eyes. She couldn't look. She knew she was wrong. What was she thinking?
      Then she heard the friend next to her inhale quickly and start clapping. She patted her on the back and gave her a quick hug. "Open you eyes!"
     When she opened them she saw that she was right. It was melting snow! Teacher asked them all if after seeing the whole picture anyone wanted to change their opinion. They all raised their hands. She asked why they thought their opinion changed? Little Pixie with Dimples held up her hand. Teacher called on her. "Why honey?" And this is what she said...

"You can always change your mind when you see the whole picture. That's okay. You just need to look at the whole picture."

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