Saturday, August 16, 2014

Remember, December

It's time to get these writing juices flowing again!

     She heard the sighs of frustration echoing down the hall before she saw their tired faces. The rookies walked into her classroom and she just smiled over the mountain of paperwork on her desk.  They needed her and, well paperwork, it could always wait. It would always be there and people were more important than her assessments, lesson plans, prep work, etc. etc. She closed her plan book and tossed another piece of paper on her to "To Be Filed/ File".  It wavered precariously threatening to spill all the contents of her desk onto the floor. She laid a gentle hand on it, paused a split second and looked at it as if in silent prayer. The pile steadied and happily calmed down and stayed put for her.
 She had that effect on her Kinders too.  
She smiled at the two newbies as she walked around her desk to face them. They didn't need to utter a word. Their looks spoke volumes.
 "I'm the worlds worst teacher. I will never be able to reach these kids. I'm tired. Why did I choose this job? I should quit before I get fired. I can't do this one more day! I don't like children!" 

     One of them spoke up.  "They don't know anything! They don't listen! They are never going to learn how to read and it's going to be all my fault! I don't know what to do anymore! I've tried everything. They just don't get it! Is it too late to change my major?"  She paused, smiled at both of them and said these words...
"Remember, December." They both stared back at her puzzled. "Huh?" "Remember, December." She repeated.  They didn't understand but their curiosity was piqued. The litany of self deprecating words ceased. You could almost hear their eyelids flutter.
 She had that effect on Kinders too.
"What? Remember, December because I will have a break from these Children of the Corn who were put on this earth just to torture me? I would love to throw something at them, alright!" She giggled. "Remember, December." She repeated. "Think about it like this. You're teaching them how to juggle."  "And I'm the head clown!" The other mumbled under her breath. She giggled again and continued.  "Right now you are tossing all these balls at them.  You throw them one and they toss it for awhile and then when they get good at that you toss them another.  They drop the one they got good at tossing. Then slowly, they get good at juggling two and then you toss them another.  They drop two, stop to pick them up and slowly begin to get a grasp of how to juggle three when you toss them another.  You continue to toss them balls and they occasionally drop all of them. They get frustrated and stop playing with the balls altogether. They eventually come back to it because you continue to practice tossing them the balls. You keep at it until one day, usually around December, they start to make sense of it all, put it all together and juggle all of them without any help from you.  It happens slowly but you will see it.  After December, as spring approaches, is when the magic happens and you will see all your hard work come together for them."

So, here's to another fun-filled, hair-pulling, wonderful year! And...
Remember, December!



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