Saturday, October 25, 2014

Believe In the Magic of Fairies

     Little Giggle Girl in Pigtails slid over to her teacher even after she had been told to sit at her desk and get back to work...Several times. "Teacher. Teacher. Teacher." Little Giggle Girl poked her on the shoulder as if she were trying to revive her. Teacher did not respond. "Teacher." Poke. "Teacher." Poke.
 "Teacher! Yazmine losed a tooth!" Little Reporter declared for her from across the room. Teacher glanced up at the testing specimen in front of her (Little Blue Eyed Girl) and stopped what she was doing. Pulling her head back to keep from being poked in the eye, Little Giggle Girl waved her jewel in her face. This revived Teacher. "Oh look honey. A tooth. That's exciting. But let me finish testing Samantha and I'll give you something to put it in. For now, put it in your pocket."
     As Little Giggle Girl walked away, Teacher couldn't help but notice the somewhat strained look in Little Giggle Girl's eyes. That look niggled at her. Hmmm, she thought to herself. Make sure you follow through with that envelope.
     The event filled morning came and went. The event filled afternoon came and went. And the tooth? It became a forgotten after-thought.
      "Teacher, Yazmine is crying." Little Reporter from across the room informed.
     Teacher stopped her afternoon routine specimen gathering. "Wh-wh-what?"
"Yazmine is crying 'cuz she losed her tooth." "I know she lost her tooth," she responded.
      "No, Teacher. She LOSED her tooth!" Little Reporter rolled his eyes at her and punctuated the statement with a flick of his wrist as if dismissing her ignorance. No, not as if. The other hand he placed on his hip was actually a dismissal.
     Teacher giggled to herself. She was awake now. "Yazmine. What happened to your tooth? Check your pocket." Little Giggle Girl had her head on her desk and through her wails Teacher could barely make out, "Lost...sneaky peaky...waaaaaaah!!!"
      "Does anyone know what happened?!"  Little Blue softly spoke for her friend. "She put it in her No Sneaky Peaky and now she can't find it. We've looked everywhere for it."
     Teacher sighed and mentally kicked herself for not paying closer attention. "Losed" tooths are very important in the life of a six year-old. Shame on her!
     "Are you sure you checked everywhere?"
"Are you sure it didn't accidentally fall into the snail habitat?"
      As if on cue, all 3,323 Mini Crime Investigators plus one Investigative Reporter erupted into full investigation mode. A crime had been committed and they were on the job searching for the elusive tooth! Teacher sighed. The headache she had been nursing all morning was coming back. Full force.      Little Giggle Girl looked up at her and through tears she asked, "Teacher do you think the Tooth Fairy comes to schools?"
     Oh crap girl. You're going to have to do some serious re-con now!
     "Well I don't know. What do you believe honey? I'll make sure to ask Mr. Vang to look for it when he vacuums our room. I promise."
      "Tooth Fairies don't come to school!" Little Mr. Fact Checker uttered to her from under the table. Gee thanks dude. Teacher thought to herself. Now I know what I have to do.
     "Nope. No tooth Teacher." Little Reporter sighed as he patted Little Giggle's shoulder.
      The bell screamed "DIMISSAL!!!"  As every little body shuffled out of school, Teacher couldn't help but notice the slumped shoulders as Little Giggle Girl walked away with her mother. Teacher felt bad but she would make it up to her. She did promise after all.
     Of course the next morning came in a flash. And of course Teacher forgot about the tooth until that very morning as she walked to the front office. "Oh crap!" She uttered. "The tooth! Miss S. may I have a piece of paper and a pen?" 
     Well, here goes! she thought. She handed the letter to Miss S and asked her to call for Little Giggles that morning.
    As Little Giggles walked in Teacher noticed that she searched all over for something. Not finding what she was looking for her shoulders slumped.
     The phone rang. All 3,322 receptionists let Teacher know it.  It was for Little Giggles. "Yazmine you need to go to the office." Little Giggles walked out of the classroom. Deflated.
     Several seconds later a series of loud knocks came from the door. 3,321 Mini Crime Investigators + one Investigative Reporter + one Fact Checker sprang out of their chairs to answer it. Little Giggles ran into the room. As she bubbled over with excitement, Teacher could almost see the magical fairy dust floating all around her. "I told you Tooth Fairies come to schools. They DO! They DO!"
     She ran over to Teacher and asked her to read the letter. All 3,223 little pixies surrounded her as she read the letter out loud. With their eyes wide and their mouths agape they listened intently. When she was done reading they all erupted in smiles, giggles and excitement. Teacher couldn't help but wonder if they too had doubted.
     For the rest of the week that classroom was touched by the magic and wonder of fairies! And hopefully for the rest of that year (at least) those children would be able to retain their innocence.

The Lesson
Being exposed to "adult" media  has robbed children of their innocence and joy for life much to early. All too often, I meet small children who have become cynical too early and quite frankly it makes me sad and somewhat angry. Children have wondrous imaginations. This is a natural gift given to them by God. It is up to us to help them nurture it. It is up to us to try to retain it for as long as possible.